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Applying as a Pre-select


The following individuals are eligible to apply through the pre-select process provided they meet all other admissions requirements.

  • Current Texas State undergraduate students in good standing in the dietetics track
  • Current Texas State graduate students in good standing in the master of science in human nutrition program
  • Texas State alumni who graduated from the undergraduate dietetics track or the master of science in human nutrition program within the last five years
  • Non-Texas State students who have applied for the master of science in human nutrition program by the January 15th deadline for the fall semester

Application Instructions

If you are eligible to apply as through the pre-select process, you do not need to complete the DICAS application and D&D Digital computer match. The process to apply as a pre-select is outlined below.

1. Submit all application materials by January 15th.
Please send all application materials to the Dietetic Internship Director at the contact information listed below. Transcripts, intent to complete forms, verification statements, and the application fee should be sent by mail. Application form, personal statement, resume, and letters of recommendation should be sent by email ( Materials may be sent individually, but applications aren't considered until they are complete.

The following materials comprise the pre-select application:

  • completed application form (click here for PDF of form);
  • two letters of recommendation (completed using this form) (Note: as above, this form must be download before filling it out);
    • one recommendation should be academic (e.g. from a professor - Texas State professors ARE ELIGIBLE),
    • one recommendation should be professional (e.g. from an employer or volunteer supervisor who is not also a professor);
  • official transcripts,
    • undergraduate transcripts demonstrating degree completion or current enrollment, and/or
    • transcripts from ALL universities where DPD course work was completed, and/or
    • transcripts from the Texas State master of science in human nutrition program demonstrating degree completion or current enrollment (if applicable);
  • original, paper copy of the Verification Statement or Intent to Complete form with signature in blue ink (obtained from your DPD director);
  • a personal statement of approximately 1000 words describing your motivations, strengths, areas for improvement, and what makes you a good candidate for the Texas State internship;
  • a current resume;
  • $50 application fee (checks made payable to Texas State University Dietetic Internship).

All application materials must be received by the application deadline of January 15.

Mail transcripts and application fee to:
Dietetic Internship Director
School of Family and Consumer Sciences
Texas State University
601 University Dr.
San Marcos, TX 78666

2. Prepare for a potential interview.
Pre-select applicants may be called by the DI Director for an interview between January 15th and February 1. Interviews will be scheduled in advance.

3. Receive notification by February 1.
All pre-select admissions decisions will be communicated by February 1 to give applicants who were not selected time to apply for other internships through the DICAS system.