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The Texas State combined MS/DI option offers a student-centered path to graduate education and the RD credential. The masters of science in human nutrition offers a challenging and current curriculum spanning molecular to community-based nutrition. The MS and the DI can be combined in a variety of ways, depending on the needs and interest of the individual student. Both thesis and non-thesis options exist, and the MS program in human nutrition offers a path to earn a verification statement at the graduate level.

As part of an Emerging Research University, the MS in human nutrition offers unique opportunities for students to engage in faculty-guided original scientific research. Students who are interested in research, applying to a PhD program, or pursuing a career in higher education are encouraged to complete a master's thesis with a member of the graduate faculty. Students who combine the MS/DI and complete a thesis are eligible for graduate research and teaching assistanships, as well as a specialty research rotation during the supervised practice portion of their program.

graduate student and dietetic intern works in a micronutrient research laboratory
Graduate students talks to thesis advisor about nutrition research.

For more information about combining the MS in human nutrition and the dietetic internship, please contact the Coordinator of Admissions and Outreach for the graduate program or the Dietetic Internship Director.