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Food Drive Information

If you would like to organize a food drive in support of Bobcat Bounty, please send donations to our partner, the Hays County Food Bank! 

*Below are the steps to organize your own Food Drive.

  1. Decide how to collect food and choose a location.
  • Single site drop off: People can donate food at one donation site within set hours on a specific day. Volunteers stay at the donation site during the food drive.
  • Extended food drive: People can donate food at multiple donation sites with drop boxes over the course of several days or weeks. Volunteers collect donations daily.
  • Event-related food drive: People can donate food at one or multiple donation sites and set up at a local event, such as a sports game.
  1. Assess volunteer needs and recruit volunteers.
  • Select a coordinator and team leads for the tasks. Determine the number of volunteers you will need for the drive.
  1. Promote your food drive
  • Flyers, word of mouth, and social media!
  1. Hold your food drive.
  • Boxes, tables, chairs, and flyers needed.
  1. Deliver food to the Hays County Food Bank
  • Hays County Food Bank location: 220 Herndon Street, San Marcos, TX
  • Donations are accepted on Monday - Thursday from 9:00-3:00 pm and Friday from 9:00-12:00 pm.