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Thesis Option

Students who are interested in gaining experience with nutrition research, earning a PhD, or working in higher education are encouraged to work with a graduate faculty member to complete a master's thesis. Thesis work and the core MS courses can be successfully combined with the dietetic internship. Time to completion, and actual enrollment depend on a number of factors, including research planning and thesis progress. Thesis students are eligible for graduate research and teaching assistantships. 

Pathway to Completion

Students who wish to complete a master's thesis, generally combine the MS/DI according to the pathway described below. Please note that all timelines described here are approximate and may change based on timing of individual enrollment, credit loads, and successful completion of courses and research.

Research professor and nutrition masters student perform VO2 max testing together.
Nutrition graduate students discuss their masters thesis.
Year Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Semester F SP SU1 SU2 F SP SU1 SU2 F SP SU1
Course work Take core MS courses Take core MS courses Take elective MS courses (DI)
Research Design research project with
thesis advisor
thesis data
Write and defend thesis Complete supervised practice rotations (DI)